O Vibrant Mystery

O Vibrant Mystery,
star-birth of love,
you who are the farthest nebula
who find me and swirl
your whole self into my heart,
the dark soil of my soul
receiving me like a grave,
the little bird that guides me,
guide me.

You who are the black hole
my understanding falls into
leaving only the shine of my wonder,
waken me.
You who are the rain,
and the air full of rain,
and the falling of the rain,
shower me with your three-fold grace.
You are the gravity of my soul;
you hold me
and I am always falling into you,
falling in you.

You only appear invisible,
but I can’t distinguish you from your love.

You who love me into being,
I will be
in you.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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