Wedding banquet

           The realm of God may be compared
           to royalty who gave a wedding banquet for their firstborn.

                         —Matthew 22.1

Yes! It’s a party.
All of life is a celebration,
a festival of joy.

And it’s not just a tailgate party:
it’s for a wedding,
honoring love and faithfulness.

The one throwing the party is God,
and the one being honored is you,
and the one you’re marrying is … God!

See what a wild party it is?
And everyone is invited.

Some think themselves above it,
and some think others are beneath it,
but we are all in it.

You don’t have to be all dressed up,
or appear a certain way.
So what wedding clothes are required?

The irony is, no costumes. The real you.
Nothing fancy, formal or impressive.
No religious bling or academic regalia.

Simply this: party clothes!
Nothing else is quite right.
Nothing else fits the joy of the day.

Do your duds restrict your movement?
Are you prepared to celebrate?
Do you have on your dancing shoes?

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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