Light in darkness

           The light shines in the darkness,
           and the darkness can not overcome it.

                         —John 1.5

And the light is the life of all people.
In Gaza, in Ukraine, in Sudan,
the light shines and the darkness can’t overcome it.
In those who trust, who hope, who heal, who bear witness,
the light shines.
Even in those who fear whoever’s not White,
in those who despair of democracy,
or those who consider women as objects,
still, somehow, the light shines.
In days when our love falters and our hope loses its footing
the light shines.
In our deepest apathy and unbelief,
in our worst sin, still the light shines in the darkness.
The light that is the life of all people is our salvation,
shining in the unknown, shining in the unseeable,
now and always, still shining.
Still. Shining.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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