Made alive

           You were dead through sin…
           But God made us alive together with Christ.
                        —Ephesians 2.1, 4

Oh, I am still being made alive.
Some of me is dried up leaves,
brittle and brown-edged.
Whatever life there was
has drained out of the roots.
I can’t revive this.
And the miracle is—nothing is revived.
It does die. It is the end.
I surrender this dried up life—
and out of this death
you give me something new:
not just me again, not even
a new life I would engineer, but yours,
the life of Christ, rising up
from roots beyond my own.
I die in your arms,
and in my place you rise with me.
I am taken up in this living vine,
given life not mine, but ours.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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