God’s judgment is light

           This is the judgment,
           that the light has come into the world.
                        — John 3. 19

God, you do not measure us and punish or reward.
Your judgment is no divine opinion about the truth;
it is the light of what is.
I am not who I deceive myself to be.
You unveil the truth of who I am.
Without comment or judgment you wash the window on me,
reveal the inner weave of my sin, my wounds, and my beauty,
and in your light they all shine.
Even my delusion and my terrible wrongdoing
are transformed by your radiant gaze of love.
You forgive sin like light forgives darkness.

I welcome the light.
May your gentle dawn unfold in my veiled inward secrets;
may I be changed by light into light.
May who I am, even my faults, become light.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light
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