Letting go

Generous God, in the woods the trees are bare; they have let go of everything. But I confess my fear. I imagine letting go of what I cling to, and I am afraid. I am paralyzed. Beloved, being one with you is the only treasure I desire; everything else is a burden. Yet I cling. But I want to be in the grip of love, not fear. Heal me, and set me free of these heavy loads! Set free my paralyzed heart. Even if my fear clings to me, I open my arms to you. You are my only security, my only rest. You are the spring within that I trust enough to let go of the autumn leaves. Help me to want you more than what I cling to, to be eager to be free. Bless me, that generosity will be for me not a test but a gift. Amen.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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