Gone fishing

Peter says, “I’m going fishing.”
What? So soon? Fishing already,
in the smelly little boat,
not running through Jerusalem
preaching resurrection?

Why not? Why make him change jobs?
Why make him seem so different from us?

If resurrection isn’t about real lives, our real lives,
then what good is it?
Maybe Peter experienced Easter then went home.
Carried on. No big career change. Just a changed heart.
After all, we go on living.
The changes are mostly within, mostly slow.

What changes is how we see the world,
how we love people, how we trust,
how we risk for the sake of justice—
as fishers, bus drivers, lawyers.

How will you proclaim the good news
in what you do today,
not in some fantasy life, but this one?
How will you live the new life
in this one?

Today is a good enough day
and this is a good enough place
to embody resurrection,
to rise with crazy joy.
I’ll go with you.


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