Do you love me?

wo Greek words are translated as “love.”
Philios is brotherly love, loyalty, affinity.
Agape is self-giving compassion.

Jesus says, “Peter, will you give yourself to me?”
Peter says, “Lord, I’ll be your pal.”

“Peter, do you care deeply for me?”
“Jesus, you know I’ll be loyal.”

So Jesus meets him where he’s at.
“Peter, will you be my friend?”
“Yes, Lord, I will.”

Jesus asks deep, self-giving love of us,
love not for our sake but his.
Sometimes the best we can do
is lightweight friendship.
And in his deep love for us,
Jesus takes whatever we can offer.

And directs that love, whatever it is,
toward the rest of our kin,
for that is where we really love God:
“Feed my sheep.”
Sometimes we discover our love for God
by loving others.

Always Jesus invites us deeper.
“Follow me.”
Peter may not expect much of himself,
but Jesus promises that he will go on:
“You will be led where you did not choose.”

Pay attention to what tugs at your love,
however weak it may seem.
Let it lead you deeper.

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