At the foot of the cross

Crucified and risen Christ,
with those who are silenced you stand,
         the cry of your silence going out into the world,
                  in your silence the heart of God breaking.

With those who are reviled you stand,
         without shame, only mercy,
                  for those who receive the wounds of Christ.

With those put outside the gate you stand,
         your exiled love replacing the wall,
                  in your outspread arms heaven unfolding.

With those beaten by words and deeds you stand,
         their tears your your tears, your word,
                  “Today you are with me in paradise.”

With those who do not know what to do but weep you stand,
                  rising in glory.

People of the crucified and risen Christ,
at the foot of the cross,
         witness the blood of the Lamb;
                  bear witness to love.

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