More beatitudes

Blessed are they who are heartbroken,
         for it is they who know joy.

Blessed are they who are silenced,
         for God is among them.

Blessed are they who stand alone,
          for they are not alone.

Blessed are the queer,
         for theirs is the image of God.

Blessed are they who listen,
          for they shall hear God.

Blessed are they who love without judging,
          for they are children of God.

Blessed are the truth-tellers,
         for their voices shall ring out forever.

Blessed are they who long for justice and cry out,
         for they shall prevail until the end of time.

Blessed are you when people revile you
         and persecute you and say
         all manner of evil against you,
for so people project their inner demons
          on all who are vulnerable.
Do not return their hatred,
         but meet them with love,
         for love alone changes the world.

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