I will sing

God of peace,
         fill me with your mercy.
When others around me are anxious
         give me peace.
Though anger cloud people’s vision
         open my eyes.
When others blame and threaten
         may I listen.
In the midst of cruelty
         may I be gentle and kind.
May there be only blessing
         in my words and in my hands.

When the stench of abuse fills the air,
         when oppression demands a seat at the table:
protect the tender ones,
         heal the wounded,
vindicate the gentle,
         and give me courage to attend.

God of peace,
         bless me,
that when the world cries violence
         I will sing peace;
when the world spouts hatred
         I will sing justice;
when the world shouts fear
         I will sing love.

When the world shouts
         I will sing, I will sing.


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