Election Day

This day, every day, is a day to make choices,
to choose with one’s being and take a stand:
to choose one’s calling and to follow it,
to choose this world, and to live in it,
to choose each other and what we may be.
This is a day to choose love over fear,
truth over comfort, reconciliation over anger,
courage over safety, hope over despair.
This is a day to take sides without apology,
to take sides with respect and compassion,
to take sides with justice and mercy and peace,
to take sides with the poor and powerless,
with the rejected and condemned,
with those most deeply longing.
This is a day to stand not against anyone
but against violence, against threat,
against disunion, against condemnation;
a day to stand for something,
for someone, for everyone, for everyone-ness.
This day, every day, is a day to make choices,
not in a curtained booth but in the street,
with body and soul, word and deed,
a day to stand with one’s truth and remain,
to be steadfast for a cause, and to endure.
This is a day to make choices, and with one’s choices
to make the world what it will be.


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