God said, I love my creatures,
so much that I wish to be with them.
I wish to give myself to them.
I wish to be one of them.

Which one will you be?
the angels asked.
You could be a tree, they said,
for they are long-living and steadfast.
Or will you be a lion,
for they are powerful and without fear?
Might you be a porpoise,
for their playfulness?
Or a bird, for their freedom of flight?
Perhaps you will be an elephant,
for they are gracious and gentle.
Ah, you will be a fungus,
humble and unnoticed but essential.
No, you will be a whale,
great and unseen and full of song.

No, God said, this is not for me
and my delight, nor for my glory.
This is for my creatures.

I will be a human being,
for it is they who need the most help.
I will be one of them,
and together
we will mend ourselves.


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