Darkness isn’t a thing.
It doesn’t have power or substance.
It’s not evil, or bad in any way.
But our fear of it is a thing.
It has solid weight in our hearts.
Wearing darkness’ mask,
our fear drives us in ways that are evil.

On this solstice darkness reaches its limit;
the world turns back toward the light.
There is winter yet to come,
but the light has already spoken.

The light shines not to vanquish the darkness,
for the darkness is holy, too,
but to heal our fear,
and to heal the wounds it causes,
and to undo the power of evil.

The world was created in light,
as were you.
From the deep center
you shine with original light,
the light of your very being,
the light of God.
In this world where fear darkens many hearts,
you shine with the light of healing and courage.

God is already turning the world around.
Don’t be afraid of the dark. Shine in it.


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