Halloween costume


Inside that monster
there is a lovely child.
You know that.

Inside every monster
is an adorable child.
Do you know that?

Beneath this suit, that nice outfit,
beneath that street-soiled mess,
is a precious child.

The costumes run deep, of course,
and become convincing.
But you know better, right?

You’ve learned to ignore them, right?
When do you take yours off?
Just be lovely?


In this ribboned world,
its feathers and fabrics
and patchwork humanity,

everything you see
is the costume
of the Lovely One.

   —October 31, 2017




Blessed are the homeless
         for they shall find belonging in God.

Blessed are they who have lost much
         for they shall be given joy.

Blessed are those who have been silenced
         for God sings in harmony with them.  

Blessed are they who have been shamed
         for their glory shines like the noonday sun.

Blessed are they who stand firm
         for God will be their firmness.

Blessed are the truthful,
         for they are light in the darkness.

Blessed are they who wonder
         for they shall be called wonderful.

Blessed are they who are afraid
         and yet choose love
         for theirs is the dominion of God.
Blessed are you when the path is frightful
         and you know all manner of fear
         and you choose love anyway.
Blessed are you, and blessed is your place
         in the heart of all things.

   —October 30, 2017

Love poem to God

         You shall love the Holy One your God
         with all your heart
         and with all your soul and with all your mind.

                  —Matthew 22.37

Beautiful One,
even walking toward you
I am falling.
Even as I sit beside you
something in my gut drops,
lets go
         inside you.

I think about you in night moments
with desire that isn’t craving.
I look for you everywhere.
I see your arms around me
until I see them.
I feel your breath on me
         inside me.

I am told to fear, to worship,
to believe, to save my soul,
but that’s not love.
I forget my soul
         for you.

I’m wounded by your sadness,
revived by your hope.
I want happiness for you.
Ah, what I would do for you!
I want for you all beauty,
all joy, all wholeness,
for you, beloved,
                           for you.                       

   —October 27, 2017

Your neighbor as your self

         Love your neighbor as yourself.
                  —Matthew 22.39

you are my self,
the rest of me,
my dark other,
my thrown shadow,,
of God,
         if only I will see.

How I treat you
is how I treat
my own hidden self,
waiting for me to set free
         my own blessing.

my only wish
is that you
receive love;
         receive love.


   —October 26, 2017

Only love

From my attempts
to be right,
to protect myself,
to win,
to survive—
anything other than to love,

you save me
by loving me.

be my heart.

   —October 25, 2017

It’s easy to forget

It’s easy to forget
on a dirt road pothole day,

easy to mistake
in the gray, tattered dishrag of life,

easy to miss
with news wailing,

easy to disbelieve
when you fall to your knees
not in prayer but something
much worse,

that here in the dull and rough
God is dreaming
a glorious thing

and we
still becoming
can find it.

   —October 24, 2017


Even among those of us
most needful
or on the edge
the angels of God
don’t really judge
whether we are good or bad,
they are not sent on any mission,

they just really like
to be with us.   

   —October 23, 2017

Don’t look for God

         Moses said, “Show me your glory.”
         And God said, “I will make all my goodness pass before you.
         I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious,
         and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy.
         But,” God said, “you cannot see my face.”

                  —Exodus 33.18-20

Don’t look for God;
the weird picture in your head will only mislead you.
Look for goodness.

Train your eyes for goodness,
for the way God shows mercy
on people and in ways you didn’t expect.

Keep your eyes out for beauty,
for kindness, for the flower of humanity
that springs up through the asphalt of this world.

Look for goodness
and even in your looking
you will fill your eyes with God.

October 20, 2017

Show me

Moses complained, “Look, God. You said, ‘Bring up this people’; but you haven’t told me who’s going to help pull this off. You said you’re on my side. Well, if you’re on my side, show me how this is going to work so I know you’re on my side.” God said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be with you, and give you rest.” But Moses acted like he didn’t even hear. “If you won’t go with us, then don’t make us go. How will we know you’re on our side if you don’t go with us?” And God said, “Moses. Chill. I will do what you want. I’m there for you.” Moses still said, “Show me.” God was quiet for a second.
                  —Exodus 33.12-18, sort of

God, show me the way.
         Don’t worry. I’m here.

Show me the proof.
         Don’t panic. I’ll be with you.

Show me the outcome.
         Don’t go there. I’m already with you.

How will I know?
         You won’t. I will.

I can’t see! I don’t know!
         Yes, that’s it.

         I am the dark side of the moon.
         There’s nothing to see.

         You don’t need to see tomorrow.
         You need to see today.

         I am the mother and you are the child
         in my womb. You don’t need to see.

         You don’t need to see.
         You just need me.

         You don’t need to see. Close your eyes.
         I am here.

―October 19, 2017

I belong to you

         (Tune: Gift of Love)

Beloved, I belong to you.
You give me birth; you make me new,
your image formed, by Spirit stirred.
You are the Song; I am your Word.

Whatever pains I may endure,
I still belong. Your love is sure.
Since I am yours, your will I do.
I trust and give myself to you.

I am your coin to richly spend,
so spend me, God, as you intend.
You bless my end; you hold my worth;
send me to love throughout the earth.

Beloved, I belong to you.
Do with me what your love will do.
Bear me, and I, through ease or strife
will find in you eternal life.

(Matthew 22.21)

   —October 18, 2017

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