Lord’s Prayer Paraphrases

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Ten paraphrases of the Lord’s Prayer.
See all ten here.

O Life-Giver at the heart of all Being,
holy is your presence.
May your Empire of grace replace our own,
and your delight be fulfilled,
as this world becomes heaven.
Give us our sustenance, one breath at a time,
and make us completely forgiving of ourselves and others.
Save us from the weakness of our will,
and deliver us from the power of evil.
For all Being is yours; all power is yours; all glory is yours,
in this moment,
in eternity. Amen.


With your download (a document in .doc format) you are permitted to copy and paste, print, project, broadcast or otherwise use these materials in worship or whatever way you need. Please include the note “Used by permission; Steve Garnaas-Holmes, www.unfoldinglight.net” in your materials when possible

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